Mercury verado pcm upgrade

Various clamps and the crimping tool in a convenient plastic tray container. Kit is. Verado 200‑275 Hp originally furnished with 15 each of the 12.8mm,14.0mm, 15.3mm, 16.2mm clamps. PCM 555 Models and 5 each of the 25.6mm and 28.6mm diameter stainless steel clamps. Aids in the installation of high pressure hose clamps.

Mercury Oil Change Instructions. Oil Change Procedure. Position the outboard for trailering. Adjust the outboard steering until the drain hole is facing downward. Remove the drain plug with an 18mm wrench. Drain the engine oil into an appropriate container. Place a new seal on the drain plug and lubricate. Reinstall components.

3. Joystick is not working properly and is installed fault code - Check VesselView for Security DTCs That Cause. engine power reduction. If you find, check the system in an authorized Mercury Diesel repair service. 4. Joystick not working, DTC not installed, swimming control enabled - Turn off swimming control.




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Max rpm at WOT prior to changes was 6100 rpm and is now 5900. STOCK: 500 hp - Economy cruise 35 mph, 17 gph, 1.7 nmpg, 2 mpg; Max speed 57 mph MODIFIED: 630 hp - Economy cruise 40 mph, 17 gph, 1.9 nmg, 2.2 mpg: Max speed 65 mph Cruise increased 15% getting us there sooner at the same fuel burn of 17 gph total Range increased 12%.

Verado Parts. Genuine OEM Factory Mercury Verado parts with detailed parts diagrams are all available here. Discounted pricing is available when ordering online. Choose your model range below and then your serial number range. If you're unsure of your Verado model, enter your serial number at the top to get to the correct engine parts.