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Take a look at this list of Available Serial Numbers for these manufacturers. For more detail on our records, and a factory letter order form, click on your manufacturer below. Factory Letter Info by Manufacturer Winchester Marlin L.C. Smith Ithaca / Lefever Savage / A.H. Fox Contact the Records Office.

Search: Winchester Model 150 Serial Numbers. I can say that there were 47,400 made during the years 1967-1974 This is an angle eject Model 94, with the crossbolt safety Initially, the Model 55 was serialized in its own serial number range, with serial numbers 1 – 12002 completed through March 7 th, 1928 Get Manufacturing Date Winchester model 43 bolt action Winchester model. The post-64 Winchester model 94 begin with serial number 2,700,000. Additionally, competition from other manufacturers like Marlin with their model 336, lever action, Winchester changed over from a top eject to an angle eject.

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Welcome to! If you are like me, owning an M1 Carbine goes a lot deeper than just owning a firearm. It is about owning a piece of history that protected our freedoms and won a world war. Deemed the greatest single battle implement ever devised by man... (Patton), the M1 Carbine is something that will consume you in the collecting of military surplus weapons and ignites a.

Search. Just a few examples of appraisal values for winchester model 94 serial numbers *Winchester Mod. 94 30-30 RifleThis is a*Winchester Mod. 94 30-30 RifleThis is a nice 1970's Winchester Model 94 serial #39XX241 lever action 30-30.

There are many Model 1200 trench guns in the low 400,000 serial number range. One is pictured in Canfield's book. I've never seen one in the 400,000 range (either the low or high 400,000 range) with an L prefix to the serial number. I've.